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Gema Immigration Services works from 1990 as a consultant office with expertise in visas and residences procedures in Argentina. Also we get Argentine documentations and Apostille.       Please ask our comment about the prospect to establishment businesses in Argentina and we will begin an assistance that help you with requirements and several legal procedure to get sucess.          Also, if you want to do invest in Argentina, to open a branch or any commercial society, our legal consultants will be available to achieve your projects.


History, Rules and Facilities. From XIX the populational policy in Argentina supports and provides the immigration promotion.

The initial proclamation of the Argentine Constitution, as a formal declaration, had been largely fullfiled. It is read, there, as national project aimed "...for us, for our posterity, and for all men of the world who wants to dwell in Argentine land..."

Happily, in the facts, this words are applied, as you can verified in the current migratory rules. This is not just decorative word. For this reason: if you want planificate an Argentine legal residence, it is neccesary you know that there are many facilities to achieve your goal.

This should serve as an incentive for everyone, but especially for those who reads the requirements with pessimistic mood, thinking about the enormous difficulties that appear when attempts to get a legal residence in many nations today.

If sometimes you understand that some requirements are difficult to enforce, you must know surely that this is not by any defect or an attempt to discourage youneither the law gives discretionary powers to public officials. By contrast, the established rules goes in favor of foreigns and if the administrative agent arbitraly tries to deny a residence or a visa, he or she could be punished by poor performance.

Difficulties, why? Although what has been wrote up is true, bureaucratic problems may arise when starting a process of settlement, because many times the visa requests are not a simple procedures.

Any serious country, even if it opens its door to foreign, must protect their safety and avoid to be an associate of human trafficking. In fact, when a country admits foreigns in a very easily mood, it will be targeted by those who has criminal interests. Also, problems like drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorism, it must be addressed and so the processes for getting a visa include special inspections and accreditations.

Our view: these reasons are fundamental to understand why the Immigration Offices must ensure the safety of everyone and also it is obliged to do it for international agreements. So, this office refine the procedure for admission and thus faces two conflicting goals: a) to encourage immigration and b) to avoid the crime against the defenceless.

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